the Science fiction of Giovanni Fortin

If you've come here so far it's because you need to escape, to go beyond the limits of common reality and you've decided to do it by living a new ADVENTURE!

I too lived in my normal way but one day something happened...

At the beginning of the 90's, using the rudimentary radio equipment and primitive computers of the time for a series of apparently accidental events, I came into contact with the imposing mass of data that constantly crossed the ether.

Day and night my devices were probing the world of radio waves in search of information. It was then that, by chance or by fate, one night in 1993 I began to pick up messages posted on B.B.S.'s worldwide network by someone who called himself "Guardian". These mysterious communications reported the content of files concerning the U.F.O. phenomenon declassified by the American intelligence services. For about a week this information, of unknown origin, they flooded the ether and I gathered all of them. Suddenly then, as they had appeared, they ceased and someone circulated the news that Guardian had been "deleted"!

Suddenly the access portal to a new and mysterious dimension had opened wide before me...

But what was behind all those documents that, for the first time, had been diffused by a technology still in its infancy but for the time? sci-fi? Were these real facts or were they simply the result of someone's fervent imagination? Meanwhile the media spread the news that the declassification of the American secret documents concerning the U.F.O. phenomenon was a real fact and I, having known accidentally the president of the C.U.I. (International Ufological Centre) Antonello Lupino, now my dear friend, I decided to collaborate with him providing him with the material that I had collected.

Now many of those files are known as X-Files and are the foundation of real ufological encyclopaedias, television series and great hits cinematographic.

My name is Giovanni Fortin, but probably around the net I also find myself as Gfortin. This is my Facebook page: . Dress up Monselice (PD), Veneto and I follow as Web Developer and Blogger the site of the International Ufological Center: WWW.UFOCUI.IT

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