Web Master and Art Director of
International Ufological Centre.

How does my adventure begin...

I was born in Monselice (PD) in 1958 and I did classical studies. At the beginning of the 80's, however, with the spread of the first computers, I dedicated myself to the study of this new technological medium developing a passion that led me to operate, even in the performance of my profession, in a purely technical field and to deal with computer science and telecommunications.

In this way I was able to access the huge amount of data that constantly cross the ether and, in the early 90's, I was deeply impressed by the information disseminated by a mysterious character, who called himself GUARDIAN, then revealed declassified documents of the American secret services.

To clarify the mystery I have collected an infinity of testimonies and information and, attending international ufological meetings, I have contacted eminent personalities of that world discovering their intimate connections with Esotericism and the so-called New Age.

Since then the ufological phenomenon has no longer been for me just a form of belief, but has also become a driving force for my spiritual growth leading me to write my science fiction books.

My cooperation with the International Ufological Centre continues and for some years now I have been personally taking care of its website and web TV: WWW.UFOCUI.IT

I gather, sometimes in first person, information and testimonies on the alien mystery from all over the world and, attending in this context international ufological meetings, I could directly know eminent personalities of that world.

I witnessed disconcerting testimonies and collected "hot" information, living in close contact with extraordinary people and talking with them in the halls of the hotels we were guests. They all had something amazing to tell.

Sometimes strange but fascinating characters approached, telling stories out of the ordinary and yet plausible and in line with knowledge acquired elsewhere. I liked to call them X-MEN.

Fascinated by this reality, but even more by the perseverance and sincere commitment to the dissemination of the relevant experiences demonstrated by people who, contrary to what is commonly believed, often boasted excellent credentials at the academic level, I continued to collect an infinity of data on ufology, finally discovering its intimate and profound connections with Esotericism and the so-called New Age.

It is in this perspective, which is very broad, that I began to perceive the ufological phenomenon not as a mere form of belief but as a propulsive stimulus to spiritual growth. My intention is now to offer everyone the opportunity to recover from the hibernation imposed by so-called civilization and the system of power based on fear, bearer of war and hatred, which has always characterized it. An attempt to recover awareness and creativity, related to inner peace and love for ourselves and creation, which are the original peculiarities of each of us.

The books I propose are therefore a work of pure fantasy that is based, however, on elements collected firsthand in the world of contemporary ufology and on studies that, in this field, are considered absolutely accredited.

It is also an attempt to cultivate and multiply the energy of feelings and drives that is released in all those who, like me, feel that they have come into contact for the first time with a new world, able to offer stimuli of substantial vitality for both the intellect and the soul.

I therefore propose extraordinary adventures that, freeing reason from the nonsenses and banalities that it is constantly distracted from, lead it to an imagery that is exalting and liberating, more stimulating and close to the real desires of every human being.


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